Who We Are

Arcade Sunshine is a digital publishing and production company. We're a boutique firm focused on compelling storytelling, creative design and emerging technologies. These are exciting times: mobile, social, web and TV are constantly in flux, shifting and recombining to create new opportunities for agile storytellers. So whether we're designing a history of the planet as a socially-networked ebook, an interactive guide to Korean Art for the Smithsonian, a non-profit transmedia campaign, or a collaboration with a cable TV series, Arcade Sunshine always brings top-shelf production values and experience working with multiple technology platforms to every project we take on.

Aziz Isham


Patrick White

Creative Director

Aziz has been at the forefront of the digital media transition for the past decade. As a development executive, he oversaw the first socially-networked ebooks, helped develop integrated TV series and digital strategies for several production companies and non-profits, including National Geographic, History, Discovery, The Woodrow Wilson Center and Grove Atlantic and, more recently, was co-founder of reKiosk – a digital distribution platform for music and ebooks.


His writings on digital culture have appeared in The Huffington Post, The American Reader, Digital Book World and many others and is a current faculty member of CUNY's publishing institute.

Patrick is a producer with over ten years of storytelling experience. He's directed award winning films about public health in East Africa, created multiple series for some of the largest networks in commercial television, designed apps and mobile campaigns for numerous clients including publishing houses, TV networks and the Smithsonian Institution, and designed Here on Earth, which was called the "benchmark for interactive books of any genre" by Appadvice.com.


He was also just named one of the area's best DJ's by the Washington Post…a title he's earned three years in a row.